Our Community at Broadwell Senior Living in Kearney, Nebraska

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In addition to 24-hour senior care provided by our friendly team members, you can enjoy a satisfying and soothing atmosphere that makes you feel at home and at ease among your neighbors. A sense of warmth and belonging fills the halls and creates the kind of environment you want for yourself or your loved one. Whether you are joining our community as a resident of one of our many Independent or Assisted Living senior apartment options, you will find the kinds of spaces and amenities you need to live the lifestyle you want right here at at Broadwell Senior Living.

Here at Broadwell, we're dedicated to giving you the best of low-maintenance living with no strings attached. We have no long-term contracts and no buy-in fees because we believe your hard-earned money should be dedicated to the people and activities that interest you.

Our Team is
committed to providing quality senior care

Broadwell Senior Living is dedicated to making your loved one feel at home in a community designed for their unique needs. Residents feel supported in a positive environment that's true to Kearney. Our team is committed to providing quality senior care. Call us today to schedule your personal tour of Broadwell Senior Living.

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Military service in the United States is a time-honored tradition, and for centuries our young men and women have fought bravely in peace and wartime. In unique spaces within our community, we highlight and honor our service residents by asking for a Wall of Honor photo. Throughout the year, we hold celebrations, military-focused activities, and events purpose-driven for veterans.