We Love Pets

We know just how much you love your furry friends. Our spacious layouts and light-filled rooms are the perfect place for your pets. As a pet-friendly community in Kearney, Nebraska, we encourage you to bring your canine or feline friends with you.

Live your best life and age in place at Broadwell Senior Living. We’re here to help make each new day a good one.

Pet Friendly

Bring your best friend with you! We are proud to offer pet friendly accommodations here at Broadwell Senior Living.

The right care

For You


Shirley's loving cat Chessi says, "Petting a cat can lower blood pressure and help soothe and calm you if you're stressed or anxious."


Brian's beautiful dog Bailey says, "Dogs help reduce the chance of social isolation and loneliness that can sometimes lead to depression. Pet a dog today!"


Karyn's playful kitten Paisley says, "Playing with a pet can elevate serotonin and dopamine levels, which calm and relax. My personal favorite is my feathered catnip toy!"


Betty's adorable pup Lucie says, "Dogs encourage exercise, walking, strength, and movement! We help our humans stay healthy!"

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